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Jewellery with Celtic Themes:

Celtic Jewellery

The Celtic jewellery wholesale Jochen Schepp in Hamburg provides resellers with a large variety of silver jewellery with Celtic symbols:

The typical knot design without beginning or end, representing the continuity of life or the triskele, symbolising the figure three, and referring to the triple goddess portrayed as maiden, mother and crone, and thus to the everlasting cycle of birth, life and death, of past, present and future.

As a matter of course this category (Celtic jewellery made of silver) would not be complete without the Celtic cross with the circle in the centre. The circle represents eternity, the Earth and female energy, the cross stands for the four seasons, four corners of the Earth, four elements and male energy.

Our jewellery is handcrafted in 925 Grade silver and still often lower in price than the famous Celtic jewellery made of tin. The pieces of jewellery are partly darkened and the designs are cut out by hand.

We provide in our wholesale:

  • Celtic jewellery pendants
  • Celtic jewellery bracelets
  • Celtic jewellery ring

More sub categories: